brother, teachers, relatives.

" Rest assured, I can hold this setback." Both this will lay down their hearts, Qi Yu patted the maple snow shoulder, smiled and said:" this is like our brothers snow Feng, people should be free and easy." Can really free and easy, but that's cold comfort maple snow it, Qi Yu himself did not like broken cruet, taste of what has. " Well," Han maple snow nodded track: " well, I'm going to practice it, go." The maple snow now just want a good play Replica Watch , will vent out in Qi stagnation. The night of quiet, comfortable Yaohui, occasionally there are a couple of walk, Han maple snow from himself, came to the Silent Woods, will in fact take part from September ring out, this is the first time he used this guitar playing. Hands gently plucking the strings in touch, cold maple snow calm down, the outside world has he has nothing to do with the Fake Alain Silberstein Watches fingertips trembling, harp, curled, like in the moonlight tells his resentment. Maple snow and cold all blend into one harmonious whole. Chin, he never like this so devoted over. The childhood mother love, father's care, he is a cripple, in the group of people ridicule and contempt eyes slowly grew up. Father's life, mother's disappearance, the enemy persecute, Grandpa's tragic, let him grow up in a short time. And the moon small carved meeting, Fake Bell Ross Watches Wu dragon war, teacher brother gradually appear in his life, from the practice of the waste becomes a genius, to feel all of his caring and friendly, and his heart was open, become open. And then by the use, were plotting against, scene in my mind. Piano melody, sometimes high excitement, sometimes low dull, cold maple snow will own life experience all unconscious all into Fake Chopard Watches the sound. Grandpa, teacher, you rest assured, everything to me." A play, the maple snow feel speechless, heart especially clear in depression, make a clean sweep of, slowly open your eyes, eyes full of dusty look, which also has a reason. " Eh?" The maple snow will chin up, just got up, but feel the spirit of the sea a throbbing. Eye one bright, began to practice spiritual exercises, awareness into the spirit of the sea, only five different colors of the crystal elements Replica Concord Watches rapid rotation, rather than any previous faster. Heart a happy, Han maple snow began to invest all energy to the cultivation, the air in the five elements everfount through the meridians converge towards the spirit sea all-pass. Breakthrough Wu Zong get through the whole body meridians, Han maple snow elemental absorption rate compared to the original quickly several times, before long, crystal elements and fat in a circle. See crystal elements still no Replica Hermes Watches deceleration sign, fast running, cold maple snow know this100% immersion into the music playing even let their mental capacity has greatly improved, however, he knew that this kind of thing is not right for this condition, as the words, next time if he deliberately want to enter and it is not possible, this is called the opportunity. If so, the maple snow

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