the deer away from the pain

One night after night, they chatted. Deer told the princess, it is to avoid a treacherous hunters, sent him as an evil witch to hunt it. The princess was a sense of Stimulated deer care, determined to protect the deer away from the pain. However, goodwill is often pave the way for the destruction. Princess woke up the next morning, we found that deer unlike the usual as to stay in the fire side. Gray birds chirping pain in the treetops. The Tag Heuer Watch immediately got up and followed the bird forward. When her depth near a thorn bush, I heard the deer sobs. The princess immediately flew to the side and saw on its flanks, inserted an arrow. Witch to find me, "said the deer," I collected the road to eat the nuts, she ordered her archers to shoot me, I try to run, run away far, but when I arrived here, has already been no way. " tag heuer aquaracer 500m calibre 5 kneeling beside deer and witnessed its pain, the heart is full of sorrow, can not help but fell in the deer who cry. Her sincere tears shining light to cure the wounds of the deer. The next few days, the princess takes good care of deer, it is restored to health, they will continue their journey, reaching as far as the edge of the vast forest. When they eventually pass through the edge of the forest, coastline lying in front of them, distant bright ocean. In the north not far from the "Bird said," tag heuer aquaracer automatic of Lost and Found. " The end of the day, dusk into the depths of darkness, but the sand on the beach in the moonlight, flashing like silver, to guide them forward. They have to go north, and finally came to a steep black rock to the top and be able to see the lost property of the well from here. Tag Heuer Watches birds with them farewell wings to leave its responsibility. When the princess and the deer arrived at the wells, she turned and stroked the neck of the noble companions. "You do not have with me down to the well, dear deer." She said, "I must go alone." Princess muster the courage to journey, jumped into the wellhead towards the bottom of the well has been falling, falling. Princess when dream sleep, until you find that they are walking in a field, grass sun shining, trees sing in unison. Suddenly, I do not know where to emerge from a beautiful fairy, curly hair shines like gold, then, for the face with a bright smile. The Tag Heuer Aquaracer Quartz immediately calmed down. "The way you come a long way, weary travelers." Fairy said. "I came here hoping to eye with a back, back to a dear friend you have seen the eyes, the wise fairy?" Fairy does not say a word, was killed, which has two eyes, one had never seen the beautiful eyes of the evil girl in the world. "You can take them," said the fairy, "but your old lady do not need them forever." Princess have not had time to ask the meaning of this sentence of the fairy woke up, found her beloved deer were lying wellhead, the hands of a small parcel, which stood the old lady's eyes. tag heuer formula 1 spent three months through the lost property of the land across the deep blue ocean, and finally arrived at the home of Princess. When they approached the old lady Nadong in the familiar dark edge of the forest hut, a hunter stopped them, and confirmed by the prophecy of the fairy. During the land of the princess went to the Lost and Found, the old lady has died peacefully go to the afterlife.

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