Nickel occasionally causes allergies, such as skin reaction and swelling and in worst instances depending on the proportion of gold to alloy, trouble of breathing, experienced by some delicate users. Those that have actually known allergies to nickel can make use of palladium rather.

This color could be put on as pierced earrings, clip on earrings and also hinged earrings depending on individual choice and also preference as well as on the occasion. Unlike yellow gold, the white of this sort of gold is more in complementary with the normal everyday clothes as well as road clothing. However they could additionally be made use of in official events as well as social functions.

There are also fancy styles that will certainly not cannot bring elegance and course right into the individual's identity. For example, for elegant nights, one can use a this color stud established with jewels such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds as well as warm rubies.
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