eventually returned to the maple snow.

struggled, but The maple snow went up to Ao Yunxing and said: " the place in your heart is so important, can abandon abandon abandon friends, brothers, you can use what you. So, even if you have, what's the point." " You don't understand, in the imperial family, never choose, brother of propoxur in commonplace, we grew up, doomed and kinship, friendship without edge. I heard that she often help you last time, Replica Watch even to save a life, she didn't know for future planning." Ao Yunxing dull tone, he seemed to do everything right, paused, and then continued:" I was just wondering, why you will be all right, even if you are successful, also should not escape to." " You may have calculated to lose, we won't, Prince is also ok. As you say, the monarch has no family ties and friendship, you would never have dreamed of, I and your big brother, the crown prince, Ao Yang's brother -- is, at the same time in Replica Rado Watches the imperial family, you have no family ties and friendship, does not mean that all people are like you, even if I tried to kill him big brother, he did not blame me half a sentence, or even turn to comfort me, true brotherhood, how is your this cold-blooded people can understand." Hear the maple snow words, Ao Yunxing's face is very wonderful, smiled, and said: " the unexpected, even if how I plan, never think of you and my brother 's understanding, but also to address each other as brothers. Maybe I really do not know, Replica Movado Watches ut, I have my principle, for my purposes, use unscrupulous divisive tactics." Ao Yunxing then look fierce, even her beside the Yuan Yao Meng are startled, the first time he felt Ao Yunxing was so strange, so far away from her. Shook his head, Han maple snow continued:" you go, all three of us do not want to see you again." Yuan Yao Meng went to the side, stop, cold maple snow calm : " in his eyes, you are like us, is also a pawn, leave him, with him, you will Fake Hublot Watches regret it." Then, the maple snow towards the dormitory direction, cold no boundaries and Qi Yu unwilling glanced at Ao Yunxing, followed. The first volume seventy-fourth chapter breakthrough genius rise again The maple snow feel my heart is empty, vacant at a loss. Be very complex, anger, unwilling, even loneliness. He can be in order to relatives, friends, at all. He did so, in order Replica Couple Watches to Yuan Yao Meng and Ao Yunxing, he is willing to risk his life, to kill the prince, but, in return for the what is? Deception, intrigue, this is my brother and his girlfriend premeditate long already a hoax. He does not know it is right or wrong, why it is true and hepatobiliary, would be sad and cry. " Perhaps I am too high to see themselves, in the eyes of others, perhaps I do not." Maple Fake Cartier Watches snow in cold heart laughed at their own. " Brother, Xuefeng, are you alright." See the maple snow still standing, cold boundless and Qi Yu worry asked, they think, Han maple snow should to vent some of that, at the moment of quiet but they hung up. Looked up to see two eyes, two concerns, the maple snow bitter smile, but also have their

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