The NBA Draft took place on Wednesday night

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Looking at our review of the original release of NBA 2K21, nearly all of my cons are still present. When you add the fact that 2K did not offer free updates for existing owners, forcing them to either buy the $100 version or buy it independently for $70, it is hard to say that NBA 2K21 on next-gen is your much-needed salvation to get a continuously disappointing franchise.

The NBA Draft took place on Wednesday night, and very honestly, considering the manner COVID-19 has impacted the development of NBA 2K21 and the league, '' I didn't expect to see that the rookies added into the game until next month. However, 2K needed a nice surprise for fans on Thursday morning. The entire draft class was added to the appropriate teams, as well as the trades which were made official with the league had already been upgraded.

2K also smartly utilized the scans from the rookies it used in MyTeam to get NBA 2K20 and included a few more to bring a bit of authenticity to the update. Obviously, due to COVID-19, 2K was unable to scan every participant. However, the developers did do a pretty solid job utilizing their own create-a-player package to fill in the gaps for the rookies they had been unable to scan.

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