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Runescape Gold

When a skeleton attacks an ally, then the ally becomes diseased. Lvl 60- Lichen: every time you hit, you get half of your attack, and stun your oponent.Your health regeneration is reduced by RS gold magic and half will hit half over normal

I am presently considering the Guthix prayer book. Here are my guthix thoughts. As most men and women say, the zammy ones are too powerful, so I'll try to create these ones no too strong. Lvl 30-Guthix equilibrium: When your health is under 50%, Your competitor gets all of his stats turned to yours and his stats turn into yours. Drains prayer extremely fast.

Lvl 35- sufferings: When cursed, weakened or whatever, all ennemies in your minimap receive the hex powered 25% more. Your health is reduced by the percentage of their hex on the competitions. Lvl 40- Lost: When used, whoever is struck over 10 will be teleported in a random place in their minimap and will have their things unequipped. Will not work if they do not have te stock area. Lvl 45-Flesh of the flesh: Can cure the closest ally around to greatest health, and you're stunned for 10 sec.

Lvl 50- Reversal of fortune: Once employed, whoever strikes you bothers you by the amount that they strike and the competition gets hit by what they hit. All allies on your minimap are hit 15. Lvl 55-Sacrifice: Will 1 hit kill any ennemy 3 squares around you and will heal completely any ennemy out of the three square zone. You're instantly killed. Lvl 60- Forsaken: Will reverse the consequences of any prayer of whoever you're attacking. Your battle stats are reduced by half.

To utilize this, you must have 666 passing runes on your stock, historical magicks, all the god staves, the Iba team, and also have 99 in everything.

Before you all go"OMG this subject is agaisnt the rules! F2P don't ever never ever get upgrades!" Hear me out. F2P have recieved plenty of upgrades, I personally am off an on penis, so its not that I want to get mre things, I will manage £3.

I had been thinking, f2p have coinshare and lootshare, but theres no purpose, it'll never actualy be used as theres no drop within 50k from any monster. So whats the purpose? What better way than to provide f2p a boss monster to really get them drooling in the lips?

Blurite Dragons reside in the blurite caverns, to gain accsess that you want an"Ice key". To get it you need: Red berry Pie. Conclusion of knights sword. Simply talk to the dwarf in knights sword, give him the pie for the"strange icicle" aka the OSRS buy gold ice key. As soon as you have the key go down into the blurite cave, close to the eastern end is a doorway outline. Use the key on the outline and enter.

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